DIY; Drapery.

OH my lord; what a fantastic day today was. Had some amazing customers, every one who walked in loved my outfit and I got theeee best compliment in the world…made my day.

“…look at her. she’s so put together. look at her jake (her son or whoever), she must be a model…”
                                                        -ladies in the grocery store :) BIG OL’ SMILE.

so i had this Emma & Sam maxi dress from last season from LF and I’m not feelin’ it anymore but I really wanted to rock it because no need to waste some cotton. So, I was on Playingwithfire’s chicblog and fell in love with the drapery & belt..hence why I did it with my dress. I totally digged it all day which was quite satisfactory…put me in a good mood. I feel chic, sophisticated and quite sassy.

by the way, i heard my blog address, www.nobodyknowsyou.net was taking you to my blog so fashiontablet.blogspot.com is my original name and that will take you to my nobodyknowsyou blog :).

AND also, thanks for all the fabulous comments! You guys have no idea; they seriously make my day! Every time I get an email that says [____ new comment]...I get so excited!

Stay tuned for some really amazing interviews! :)

btw, obsessing over Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester. ommgg.

and as seen on Luluandyourmom, this had me in hysterics.

Black blazer; BCBG (not available online, purchased at outlet)

Emma & Sam maxi dress; LF Stores (No longer online but LF does carry Emma & Sam currently.
Black Tights; Beauty & Attitude Beauty & Attitude
Brown Leather Wedges; Matiko (Not available online but Matiko carries amazing shoes!
All my jewelry is as always, Forever 21.



Mila said...

Wow,i love this!

Nerdic.. said...

Lovely necklace!
X, fashion-nerdic.

miky said...

you look so beautyful!!! and the necklace is incredible!

Constance said...

LOVE this outfit, i agree its so well put together.. gorgeous!


bisou-joue said...

love this whole black outfit !
You're so pretty girl !

Nini said...

Cute outfit. You're very creative.

Dylana said...

What an awesome DIY! You look great. The necklace is beautiful! Great blog! Check out ours!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i'm so in love with your shoes that i can't see anything else!!

Maria said...

you're really pretty on that last picture! :) + i love the drapyness on the dress.

mm leighton meester is so gorgeous!

Taylor Sterling said...

I came across your blog on Late Afternoon and I like to link up with other bloggers from the Bay Area! I wanted to say HI!xx Taylor

FESI said...

Your necklace is amazing! Like the DIY too!

LAUREN said...

your wedges are sick.


CHICMUSE said...



PAULNKC said...

love the draping. great job (:

Behind The Seams said...

love the draping!

Wicked Plum Vintage said...

soooo in love with that necklace!!!! so pretty! you look smashingly fabulous! ;)

Christina Dee said...

+Mila-thank you!

+Nerdic-The necklace I bought from ForLove 21. Definitely check it out, the most affordable way to rock the bib necklace :)

+Milky-Thanks! That's so sweet! And yes, I'm pretty obsessed with the necklace!!

+Constance-Thanks, sometimes my outfits don't always come together quite right but this really seems too! :)

+bisou-joue-thanks! i love, love, love black!

+Nini-Thanks! I know there's some creativity somewhere in my brain lol.

+Dylana-Checked out your blog and I love, love! the outfits are so fun!

+Mademoiselle Frou-Frou-i know! those shoes are killer! They still have them on the website. check out www.matikoshoes.com

+Maria-Thanks so much! what a sweet comment! and LM is so fab!

+Taylor Sterling-sure, sure!! we should have a meetup in the bay area with all the bloggers! :)

+FESI-Thanks much!! i love DIY, but always so scared to try it!

Lauren-Thanks, check out www.matikoshoes.com

+CHICMUSE, PAULNKC, Behind The Seams-Thanks everyone!!

+Wicked Plum Vintage-thanks much! Cant wait to interview u!

Zhcsyra hp said...

love ur outfits .
especially ur necklaces,nd ur shoes <33

bissous xoxox,.