Meet the Photographer-Sabrina Noel Hill.

When I met Sabrina, the first thing I noticed was her gorgeous, out of control, red hair. And that was only the beginning. Her personality was abundant in strong independence, passion for veggies and a love for art. She took me to my first art show, where I too, being an art fanatic. She oozes adventurism, showcasing the ride of her subjects or herself. I've noticed the one thing that's got me goin' about her, is her own personal character. She has a true passion for her loved ones; family and friends. With that, it overflows into her art. She captures the true spirit of her subjects through scenes. I shot with her when I lived in Los Angeles and she had recently moved into her new place. It was dark, empty with beautiful wood floors; perfect. She used her tools to capture something almost magical, mystical, enchanting. Her photos tell me a story and I'd like you to take that journey too.

What got you started in photography?

I have always been taking pictures, and remember getting my first camera for my 10th birthday. Its a pink and gray Polaroid camera that I still use today. I went to film school in Monterey and I was constantly behind the camera when I finally took my first photography class. It was black and white film and I loved the darkroom. It was all downhill from there.

Who/what do you most like to capture?

I like to shoot portraits. I love to look at my photos of people and get some sence of them captured in an image. That is always my goal. Be a unique mirror. I particulary like to shoot other artists. Painters, musicians, writers. They seem to be easier to work with and open to some of my strange ideas!

love, love, love the colors and style of this.Align Center

Where do you like to shoot?

Anywhere. I just built a small studio in my apartment, but I also like to take the show on the road. Los Angeles offers some really great locations for shooting. Great textures, buildings and also great views and landscapes... I love shooting on rooftops!

What motivates you during a shoot?

I spend a lot of time with my subjects and getting to know them. It is important to me that they are very comfortable. I believe that if my subject isn't comfortable, then they won't look comfortable on camera...and who want's that?

b&w: can't get any better.

What inspires you?

oh boy, so many things...color, texture, smiles, smells, salty air, shiny objects, movement, jumping, hair, plastic, clouds, dirt, anything Japanese.

What kind of cameras do you use?

I shoot mostly digital with my 5d mark 2. i also have a holga medium format and shot Polaroid every once in a while.

The colors are so captivating; the face is captured.

What's your favorite piece you've done?

my favorite shot is a photograph i took on new years a few years back. i dressed my two friends up in costumes, brought a blow up doll, and caputred some great emotion and movement in the woods of monterey. I have a bunch of favorites, but this one always strikes me as being pretty vibrant and fun to me.

Obsessed with this photo and the location itself, is amazing.

I know your a videographer as well. What draws you to direct?

I was a director before a photographer. I think filmmaking is one of the most-collaborative art forms, that's why I think I am so drawn to it.

(Penetrated-Directed by Sabrina Noel)

(Making of the Hip Girl-Directed by Sabrina Noel)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as far as your craft goes?

In a different county doing the same thing. With a bigger camera...=)

Which photographer's photos do you enjoy and why?

Some of my favorite photographers are, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, and Floria Sigismondi.

What advice would you give to photographers on the rise?

Keep shooting. Do it every day.

Describe your "photog" style.

I have a very real style. I don't like to Photoshop my images too much, and if I do, it is to experiment with color. I also believe that I am in an evolving artist and will continue to change my style and fill out my craft over the years.

Check out her website at www.thesabrina.com, and to book a shoot with her.
To view more of her photos, Click here

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