Look of the Day: Double Breasted.

Always Coca-Cola. Today, was a pretty good day! One of my greatest clients came in and made my day so great. She's this upbeat, amazing woman with a huge spirit and gives me such hope for my days. I dressed her in the latest from Riki and she looked like a doll; so sophisticated and sexy.

I felt really good today in my outfit; I'm learning to take the bus as the metropolitan girl that I am (becoming) and I feel sometimes like such a fool in my outfits because I'm always dressed way more fancier than anyone aboard...but it makes the adventure even more hilarious. Anyway, the jacket I got was from a clothes swap and I totally dig it. It's got SHOULDER PADS which are awesome considering how "in" they are and I paired it with my rugged cowboy-esque boots. I'm craving this particular pair from BCBG, which I bought then returned only because I don't need them quite yet. I'll wait til the heel falls off my current ones :).

They are cute right?! Once they get all beat up; I'll probably beat it with chains and rub it in the ground. LOL; BDSM...wait is that how you smell spell it?

I forgot in my last post to mention what I was wearing and where to buy and I'm way too lazy to go back and add so I'll add what I'm wearing in this post.

ANNDDD..I'm stuck on a new blog; like seriously obsessed! It's www.lovemaegan.com. Seriously OBSESSED! Her DIY section is incredible. I think I want to interview her for my next "Meet the...".


Vintage Double-Breasted Jacket; clothes swap (designer Norton McNaughton)
One-Shoulder Top; Mossimo at Target no longer available online.
High-Waisted Leggings; American Apparel American Apparel
Cowboy Boots; Target (No Longer Available)
All Jewelry; ForLove21 For Love21

face it. you love the 80's sharp shoulders. :)

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WILDasaMINK said...

I love those boots! And your piles of accessories are rad.