New Seg!

I've decided to add a new segment to my blog; giving readers advice with everything fashion/shopping.

Cha-cha-check it out!

What. Women. Need. A clear, understatement of the year. We seem to "need" everything right now; the right bag, the right shoes, new scarfs, dresses for work; the list is exhausting. The major thing that seems to stop us right our shopping footsteps is this hideous recession. What if you could be fashion-savvy yet recession-proof? My answer-it's all in the wrists.

1. Write a list of necessities per season. Whether it's a new jacket, boots or layering basics. Write them down!

2. Cut a budget and stick to it! Leave your cards at home, and bring cash. If your not the cash-carrying type, put your designated budget on a pre-paid debit card, which can also be used for online shopping.

3. Do your research. Go online to find out sales, promos and the special days they land on. Go to places like www.theoutnet.com for designer digs for less and www.retailmenot.com for coupon codes and discounts for everything under the sun.

4. Keep focused. If your doing in-store shopping, map it out first. Find out who carries what and make that store your "coat store", your "accessories store" etc. It's also wise to shop online to preview what that particular store is carrying currently. Also, don't bring friends or family that will distract you or persuade you to buy more or buy less. You know what's best for you!

5. Be mindful. Spread your shopping days up if your a shop-a-holic because it makes things more exciting than knocking it all out in one day. If you can't stand shopping but you know you need an update, designate one day where you knock it all out.

Stay focused, keep within budget and don't bring anyone who will bend those rules!

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