Oh Los Angeles.

Good morning beautiful Los Angeles!! It feels so nice right now at 6:10AM. 57 degrees and rising quickly; dead awake and ready for the day.

Brief posting, wanted to let you all know what I was up to since I haven't posted in the last few days. I'm actually here in LA taking care of some court matters with my previous landlord. He owes me the cheddddaa! So we just served him yesterday so I'm hoping to take him down!

Enough about the boring! I took a little excursion through some shopping areas and was totally diggin the trends everywhere; from Forever 21 to H&M to BR to Old Navy to mom n' pop boutiques. Besides the fact that most youthful stores are advertising for proms since its prom season, along side it were pops of bright florals, tribal prints in chiffon fabric, TONS of strapless sweetheart dresses, A-line high waist skirts, strappy espridrilles (?), rolled cuff pants, rompers in brights like lemon and lime, and so much more. Unfortunately like the absent-minded soul that I am, I completely forgot my camera so all the pictures I took were in my last minute stop-in at Forever 21 after I remembered to bring my camera. I'll be posting those in a few days. Anyways, I was completely inspired by the trends and although I'm very limited at how much I can spend at the moment, it totally gave me great ideas for pieces already in my closet.

I'll be posting more about saving money by changing up the pieces in your closet in a few days.

It's Mothers Day on Sunday as you all SHOULD know so don't forget to get your mom or someone who's been there for you like my own mom has, something nice. They deserve it, I promise, no matter how much they piss you off! :)

I can't post what I'm doing for my mom because she reads this and she'll find out before Friday, the day it's all happening. But you all will soon find out!

lots of that fashionista love,

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