Early Mother's Day gift.

My mother is truly one of a kind; well besides the fact that we're so similar in personality! I wanted to treat her to something really special since she's been so supportive of my dreams and really been there for me.

I decided to conduct one of my services for her, ShopFit, and I think she had a really great time.
ShopFit is a service I offer to my clients that shows them how to shop for themselves by finding what works for their body type. I offer myself to ease the client by pre-shopping for every piece.

The particular store I chose was:

I've always known that NY&C had great clothes but this company really has upped the fashionista "anty". They now have everything for any age, seriously. It's sophiscation chic; covered in ruffled halter tops, high-waist pencil skirts, wrap dresses, button-down shirts, trenchs, and mid-rise jeans in great cuts. I figured, my mom must find something she'd like here; the possibilities were endless.

An hour before my mom was to show up, I met with one of the ladies, Karen, would was helpful in letting me pre-shop and put everything in one room without having to hold anything outside of the room like some stores do. I pulled everything I knew my mom would dig, including mid-rise knee-length skirts, prints in green and blue, button-down short sleeve tops, cotton tees, bermuda shorts, linen capris, etc. Outfitted in the room were complete outfits, a few pairs of wedges, wide belts, and under-tanks. She was set!

After a few hours of trying-on and taking-off, my mom was set with a few couple pieces that looked great on her and below are a few pictures of my fun, lil' mama.

Look how fab she looks in the looks I've created for her body type.

#1 Wearing:

#2 Wearing:

#3 Wearing:

#4 Wearing:

#5 Wearing:

#6 Wearing:

My mom is sooo special and put this combo together!! LOL. oohhh boy.

Although after the woman realized that we were spending buckets on money, her whole attitude changed and unfortunately left a bad taste in my mouth. It was definitely poor customer service and won't be shopping at that particular location anymore.

But I don't believe that the company is like this particular associate, so don't fret! Shop there!

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