Prom Fashion.

My bro has officially turned eight18teen. Oh my and it was his senior prom on Saturday, May 2nd. Although I had a dramatic morning/afternoon, I was so happy to be a part of his prom experience; I miss mine so much. The dresses, the getting ready, the dancing, the photos, I miss it all.

I was going through his prom date, Jeralene's prom photos and let me just say that prom has changed so much since I went four years ago...ewww (4 years!). I hope she doesn't mind... :) but I wanted to post their pictures because the fashion for prom is so eccentric and unique.

Check it out below.

The back of Jeralene's dress was gorgeous and they matched perfectly. Compared to the color palette of my year, I think she picked the perfect color for the season and her skin tone. The deep purple was very royal, and it off-set my brother's tux nicely.

Yes, my brother is absolutely "special" yet such a gentleman... :)

This is year 2009 prom dress choices.
Below is year 2005 prom dress choices (and the only picture I could find).

Although there isn't a huge difference between prom dress picks, you can tell that Glamour is more the pick for this year. I admire a lot of the picks of Jeralene's friends and if I could find the men of my prom's pictures, I'd post the choices of the men of my year. However, my brother's friends didn't chose Air Forces or painted blazers with the words, "Hood" or "Bay" or "Hood Area" or anything affiliated with where we're from...thank God!

The boys looked fairly classic, chic and much better than the boys of my year did. Thank goodness! Although, obviously I didn't attend their prom so I'm not sure if the "hood" attire was active or not, but luckily not in my bro's circle of friends.

Below are so other girls who went to the same prom...although still some "ghetto-chic" in the mix, all in all, there was much more glamour than my year... :)

The girl in the gold is Alexa♥

The girl in the coral is LV, a childhood friend of my brother's and I's. (wait, is that correct english...whatever).

Congrats Class of 2009, almost done!

Also, if you or your friends want me to post what YOU wore to prom, feel free to email me at profreshconsulting@gmail.com and I will commentate and post on my blog! :)

AND if you DON'T want your picture here, let me know as well!

The bro and I before he left to prom; yes I know, I'm a hot mess but don't you judge...everyone has an off day! :)

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I have pics of the guys from your prom, if you want them....

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