Spring Trends; Real Life.

Good Morning Fashionistas!

I noticed I haven't posted any of my recent purchases which I know I've said I would do; that being said, I've pulled together some great Spring looks, on trend, and with most of my recent purchases. Don't forget to click on the links to buy those pieces, or pieces like mine.

The skirt above is from Wet Seal, and was fairly cheap, under $20. I love finding new ways to wear pieces, unconventionally.
The three looks are three different ways to wear the skirt; make it casual,
dress it up, wear it conventional. Wearing a long vest, long in the front and short, gives you
a longer, leaner look because it creates a clean look, making a line along each side of you.
Perfect for Spring!

I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress. I've purchased this dress
at a consignment shop, and it really was a total find. It's a coatdress so
I can wear it as a dress, or as a "vest". The dress is so unique, with the funnel
neck and the bubble hem and I'm totally obsessed with the pockets. I dressed
it up funky with a leather jacket and booties and classic with a minidress and pumps.

These two looks are super fun for me because it really is transforming
a skirt into a funky way to wear as a top. I paired the skirt, turned into a
top with a pair of harem ankle pants I bought at Forever 21, for around $30. I'm
obsessed with the look to the right because it's so relaxed and so funky. Paired with
the gladiator sandals I got at Urban Outfitters for $48, makes this look on trend.

This dress I've had for a while but I rarely wear it so I tried to find
new ways to wear it. The picture to the right, I thought would be fun to
wear the dress as a skirt. I paired a pure cotton tee I bought at Urban Outfitters
for $24 and belted it with a leather belt from Betsey Johnson for $48. The picture
to the right is simple and fun for a date with a BCBG blazer.

These shorts are so great, which I bought at Forever 21 for around $25. I tried
a few casual looks to make these shorts the star of my outfit. The shorts are on trend
because of the baggy, shredded look. It's best to pair these shorts with either something
tighter on top, like the picture to the left or with something cropped and billowy to create
flow and level out your look. Paired with either gladiator sandals or cowboy boots, it's a fun,
trendy look for this Spring!

xo, Dee.

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