in the A.M.

Oh good morning fashionistas! It's early in the morning in beautiful Los Angeles; a little too early! :)

On my trip to L.A. for the boyfriend's birthday, I thought I would discuss with you all the fashion down here right now. The weather; disgusting. It has been in the high 90s, and Los Angeles has taken on the "less is more" approach to fashion.

Pieces like American Apparel bra tops, cuffed or shredded denim shorts, minimal gladiator sandals & maxi dresses have been the pieces of the week. Every fashionista is dressed for relaxation except myself, still rockin the pumps & high-waisted skirts/leggings..I definitely wasn't prepared for this trip this time!

I'm hoping to post photos soon, as soon as I figure out how to on my G1. I downloaded an app that supposed to allow me to post photos, but uhhhhh....not lookin' so hot as of yet. But don't fret, they shall be up!

So wherever you are right now, take a deep breath, hope for cooler weather and rock your short shorts BECAUSE mannn its hot!

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