Tacks on my Wedges??

I had my American Apparel Interview this day; super excited and definitely
had to rep the AA leggings. It was also Go Green day so I HAD to buy a go green
bag to support EARTH! :) BTdubbs, my wedges really do have tacks in them. Not
positive if Jeffrey Campbell really did add the tacks to the wedges or if LF manufactured
them to have the tacks because they aren't anywhere online, not on Piperlime, or any other shoe online store...hmmm.
But I'm so obsessed with them and get super compliments on them! Unique and I love it.

Look of the Day:

Fitted Rolled Cuff Blazer; To The Max BCBG
New Shape Tee; Emma & Sam LF Stores
Matte High-Waist Leggings; American Apparel American Apparel
Tack Wedges; Jeffrey Campbell LF Stores
Go Green Bag; Forever 21 Forever 21
Beaded Earrings; Forever 21 Forever 21Align Center

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