I've had it.


It's time for a hiatus; both on my blog and my website. Reasons are:

0. My laptop is seriously circa 1997. It weighs at least 15 lbs, swear and it can't handle any task-switching, file uploading, what have you. Also, it has to be on the charging dock the entire time. If you unplug it, it will die.

1. My camera is dying. The pixel-ege (is that a word?) is nothing in comparison to what's out now and I'm noticing the quality of my photos are getting grainy; no clue why.

2. I'm moving, finally! The BF and I were approved for our apartment so we move in on the 1st. So that's mainly my focus over any other extra activities since this one doesn't make me income.

3. That being said, I have forgotten why I started this all in the first place; was it to vent? was it tell my side of the fashion story? was it about money? what. the. hell.

4. Things at my REAL job are going lovely. My boss is amazing; quite nurturing to my creative spirit. We get along so well and I love what I do, so there.

5. I'm getting more focused on my wardrobe consulting dream. I still want to build that up.

6. I'm not writing about anything interesting anymore so I need to regroup; restrategize; recharge.

I'll leave you with this;

skills. ;)
who said I was serious?


jennieL said...

if you ever want to meet up to do some shoots, that'd be fun! i have this expensive camera that i need to learn how to use, so it'd be fun to practice on someone! good luck on your move!

Taylor Sterling said...

Oh, I know how this is girl! You need to recharge and get inspired. So, looking at my insane schedule it may be hard to meet while I am working and I don't want you to have to come to SJ. I was thinking that we could some how work it were I video it my answers on camera and you can add your side. Will that work? If you're taking a break we can do it whenever. I think your awesome and I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Yeh take a break and get back to doing what you do best! Otherwise you will just get frustrated and burnt-out!

LOVE the video by that way...omg that is soooo not natural for ANY male to dance like that...SASSY!

Karafina said...

that video was damn awesome.