The boyfriend's back...


Vintage YSL tan blazer; Static Vintage
Ruffled Betsey Johnson sunnies; Betsey Johnson
Ruffled gauge blouse; Zara
Hunter green long-sleeve tunic; H&M
Laced knee-highs; Target
Vintage cowboy boots; Buffalo Exchange
A shitload of bracelets; random

I know, I've been extremely neglectful to my blog but I'm been swamped with moving procedures, launch of my website, moving procedures, and working a full time job. There has been a lot going on but I'll definitely be getting back in the swing of things. It's been very difficult due to my car issues...I don't have one [thanks parking tickets & DMV!]. The little things like grocery shopping and getting the daily necessities have become a challenge; alternatives like using the bus are a b**** to take all your groceries on....I was entirely spoiled by having a car. I literally drove anywhere including my sporadic trips to LA to visit the boyfriend. But now, I'm getting used to public transportation including BART. I'm heading to the city this week to do my first video interview and I'm hoping that it will work out well. Wish me luck.  If I'm going to make it one day in NYC, I've got to get the public transportation down...

I'd die to be there right now; the environment, the music, the sounds, the feel. Jay-Z has been stuck in my head ever since him and Alicia Keys performed at the VMA's.

New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Out of New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you

                                         -Empire State of Mind

Back to reality...my website is going well and I'm excited to say that I'll be having another round of new interviews with some fabulous people including my first video interview!! Also, let me know what you guys think, what's missing, what's not working and anything else. It really helps me to weed out the icky, sticky stuff and keep the website clean and free of nonsense. Check it out at www.profreshstyle.com. I also didn't even realize I was on the Forever 21's flickr page and I was so happy to find out when I went to a lovely fellow blogger's site, Fashion Trend Guide who was also featured on the page. Many of my favorites such as Blushing Ambition and Fashion Chalet were also featured so it was felt nice to be in such great company. Click here to see my chosen outfit on the site.

On another amazing note, my boyfriend came into town which was so great. I've missed him so much and he's finally here...well he left today but that's why I was mainly on a hiatus. We went looking at apartments because he'll finally be joining me here and I can't wait. We're waiting for approval as I type, so keep those fingers crossed. He was also my photographer which was definitely a change from my norm of self-timer. We enjoyed being lazy together; that's all you can do when it's been long distance; no need for crazy events, long trips or any of the sort.

I'll leave you with these amazing shots I took of flowers I got by one of my favorite florists.


Poster Girl said...

Wishing you the best! Congrats on the F21 feature!

calivintage said...

i don't think i mentioned it before but i am in love with that blazer. so good!

and yeah, you have to go get a cut from shannon! he's really nice and he definitely took a lot of care to make sure it worked for my face.

and congratulations on the launch of your new site!!!