I Die.

As some of you know, I've been obsessed with RZ since her premiere on Bravo, 1st season. In all actuality, I didn't care for her before her show because of media and such but I found a new appreciation for her. :)

So, I've been dying for the RZ collection to come out, as was Taylor (from RZP) lol and now, its here! Launching on September 12th on QVC @ 8pm, her collection will be up for grabs...and trust me, I already have a few main picks.

It's decently priced, I'd think. All pieces are under $200 and when it comes to accessories, I don't even flinch at a price tag... shame shame I know. (I lie, anything over $1000, gets scary.... :( )

On another note, I put in an order for my Dolce Vita booties which I've been dying to get and found them...ON SALE, on Urban Outfitters so I shall be receiving them in 5-7 days. I've attached a picture but have no clue how it will be displayed because, once again, I'm doing this from my phone.

And yes, I know I've been completely absent from my blog but I've gotten an overwhelming amount of recommendations which I'm so thankful for so its been a process of dishing out questions, checking out sites and seeing potential in all. But regardless, that being said, please feel free to send more. I'm really looking for a great up-and-coming designer or two and maybe a stylist, oh and a photographer. But stay tuned because I've got some great interviews coming up which I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

Also, I got my 7x7 mag from my girl, Alexia, and I was so happy to see the beautiful Lulu from www.luluandyourmom.com on the cover. She looked stunning and the mini-interview was great. Hey, hey, lulu, shouty. We should meet for lunch since I'm in the Berk. :)

Thanks to all my readers for the wonderful comments. You guys have no clue how happy I get, it's like receiving packages on a Wednesday, for no real reason at all...that quote is from a movie but I can't pinpoint it. Anyway, it really means a lot. So thank you. But keep reading and watching because there are a few GRAND SURPRISES in store for Nobodyknowsyou.net

Love you all.

(Photo via Instyle.com)


Poster Girl said...

I almost bought those DV shoes...you must post photos and tell me how comfy they are!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Rachel Zoe and lace-ups, what more could this post need?? Lust worthy indeed! :)


Christina Dee said...

+Poster Girl-So the shoes are adorable; but I didn't realize that it's the cheaper version from Dolce Vita...so they aren't put together in the best light. But I will say, that if you get them, put pads in them, otherwise, they will get uncomfortable :)

+Fashion Chalet-I know right? love me some RZ & DV. It's like hot lust!

Coco said...

Those boots are amazing. What I love about them is the obvious Ann D inspiration without shamelessly knocking them off.