Sparkle Heaven.

Today was a great day off. Ran tons of errands including Ikea, Target and good ol' Yogurtland. If you haven't been, you must go. So delicious, it's ridic. It's even better than Pinkberry...I know.

My blouse is from Buffalo Exchange, sort of like a consignment shop. It's huggeeee! I purchased two of these sequin tops but I particularly like this one because it has crazy sharp shoulders which is on trend, and gorgus. I got them about a year ago and I'm going to go back again because it's been a while since I've been and I'm dying for a sequin dress and a sequin blazer.

The shoes...I know right? die, die, die. I went on a random shoe shopping spree, at where else, Target. Well, not really where else...but I found some fantastic ones which I now regret returning and only keeping these black ones. But hey, they are cute right?

Anywho, I noticed that you lovely readers thought that the last entry was me in the pictures...but actually that's the milliner's daughter-in-law. Her hair is pretty awesome right? But it's not me...you gotta read the entries in the latter, sillies. But yes, go to Zazu & Violets Hats.

Sequined Blouse; Vintage Buffalo Exchange
Black Acid Wash Jeans; Vanilla Star Wet Seal
Booties; Mossimo Target
Gold Bracelet; Gift from the bestie when she went to Italy


Poster Girl said...

I love the sequins, and the shoes are amazing, I must find a pair!

Constance said...

love the sparkles!!