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It's so funny how much respect I get when I'm wearing just an ol' Targesa (Target) top. Weird. lol. I bought this top about two years ago when Alice Temperley did an affordable line for Target and I fell IN LOVE with this little stunner and I still wear it to this day, obvi.

Work was really slow today; assuming back to school vacations are coming to an end and everyone is getting back to normal soon. But I had some very interesting characters grace their presence at my store that gave me a giggle or two. I had little sleep and a huge pimple on my forehead, hence the ginorm headpiece covering it. When I went into Peet's for my usual, the girl asked me what I called what I was wearing and I told her, "a pimple cover-upper" lol. She gave an awkward giggle and handed me my change. LOL. hey, whatev.

And yes, I know...i'm rockin' acid wash and it's pretty horendous but I'm dreading buying jeans because I despise them so I'm rockin all my old jeans... :)

Grey blouse; Alice Temperley for Target (no longer available)
Black and White Acid Wash Jeans; Vanilla Star Wet Seal but purchased years ago so I doubt they are still there.
Flower Headpiece; Forever 21 Forever 21

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