Inspired; a not-so-daily occurence.

Today was a glorious day off. Woke up late, drank a cup of joe, ate an egg sammie and watched my girl Rachael Ray and The View. My friend Alexia, joined me in an excursion to the mall to check out window displays and to get out of the house. Ohhh, how the mall is soooo old. Unfortunately, we weren't looking to spend lots of money or go traveling far out of our "jurisdiction" to find some great stores. However, I did truly enjoy Forever 21's new Cirque 21 line. I really did love it but unfortunately the pieces were too short for me because I wanted to buy these pieces specifically for work. [sad face]. But for those who party all the time, party all the time, pa-pa-party all the time, the new line is pretty unique and somethin' else.

Oversized Sweater; Mossimo Target
Black Belt; Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson but they don't feature any belts on the website!
Denim Shorts; Forever 21 Forever 21 Not the same but similar.
DIY Lace Shorts; Made from floral/lace leggings from Wet Seal
Cowboy Boots; Target (No longer available. Purchased a hella long time ago).
Feathered Earrings; LF Stores LF Stores but no longer in season. Purchased two seasons ago.
Hella bangles and jewlery; from everywhere!

Was totally inspired by a fellow blogger, Caylee from If You Seek Style. I just recently started following her blog and absolutely fell in love with her "look"; particularly her DIY lace shorts. I've been trying to find ones in stores for such a long while and finally, Caylee has given me the inspiration. She created her own lace bike shorts by cutting a hair of lace tights, so I've done the same and soooooo happy I did.

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