Meet the Artist: CosmoBabe.

I had to opportunity to interview this up and coming hair & makeup artist, Heather Marie. She is so passionate about her craft, showing devotion and pride in her work. This girl is a truly Profresh individual, giving a funky-fresh vibe on all that she does. I chose to feature her because she gives off an attitude, showing her craft is NOT a game; this is real, this is her; f*** the rest. I love that she thinks outside the box, using color and drama to make her looks unique. Only HM can bring her craft to light the way she does. Even though she is still in cosmetology school, she already is skilled in every sense of the way. The benefit of her still being in school, the hair cut/color/style is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. I'm talking $10 for a haircut. It's crazy especially because of the way you want out.

If you'd like to have Heather Marie do a masterpiece on you, email her at heather_roberts86@hotmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Check out what she had to say about her passion.

What made you decide to do hair & makeup as a profession?
It has always been something I was interested in and enjoyed doing.

Where would you like to work? Why?
Runway would definitely be something I would like to experience; I would be able to travel the world. Working fast pace at a runway would be a thrill. I always pictured myself working in the salon, but with any opportunity ill take it and GO.

Who/what inspires you?
I like to think that I inspire myself. You have to have self motivation to be in this profession. Other peoples' creations inspire me as well to be just as good or even better. I want to be the best, so keep on reaching.

What's your favorite makeup/hair products to use?
Fav makeup is MAC, Benefit & Too Faced. Fav hair product is Eufora.

Tell us a secret tip no one knows.
Here's a tip: If you want your eye shadow to last all day & not crease on the lids apply primer or a base before applying your eye shadow. Works especially well with loose shadows or pigments.

Name the makeup essential you HAVE to wear.
[if I have to choose] Mascara.

Complete this sentence: "if I were a hair product/makeup essential, I would be ____
eyelash curler(for those who weren’t born with curled lashes, like me).

What do you love about doing hair?
The outcome, it's the best when it turns out the way you wanted.

What advice would you give to hair stylists/makeup artists on the rise?
Bring your own creativity, attend educational classes, learn new techniques ,be open, don’t be scared to try different things.

Check out some of her work below.
She has a blog as well, so check out ALL her work at CosmoGal to view more.
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