fashion fanatic.

think fashion spread, daring Vogue-esque, saucy sexiness; that is tinkstreet.com. A colleague of mine in LA has started an amazing blog with her friend, giving fashionista & artists a place to indulge.

They did an amazing shoot with my good friend Ashley and it turned out amazing. I'm using the photo below to blow up and put it in my closet. The photo is artistically done and so "LA-esque".

your dying right? I know, it's amazing. Check it out and follow it.
Tinkstreet has created a showcase of love.

growing up with multiple influences in the arts and meeting people from all walks of life...with Lindsay’s old school classic sense of style and Brenda’s modern outlook, it was only right that they teamed up to put their thoughts “on paper” and create the blog that has is all, tink street. For them its more than just an appreciation for all things glamorous…"


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