Betsey Going Econ-Chic?

If you fashionistas didn't check out my blog banning BJ, check it out.

But here's some welcoming news that may shock a few, Betsey's going cheap-chic?!

Quoted from Betsey Johnson CEO Chantal Bacon—“is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with a retailer that will likely launch in the fall.”NOW, that could mean Target!! Many designers have taken on the budget friendly designer take, i.e. Alexander Mcqueen, Alice Temperley, Tracy Feith, and more.

My opinion, Betsey Johnson's accessories are basically Target-ready anyway. I WAS such a Betsey lover but now, I'm disappointed. She would benefit greatly if she did an infusion line for Target or H&M because I think every designer should showcase what they could do in every bracket price.


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