Am I Serious Right Now?

I know, I know what you all are thinking. I'm Betsey Johnson obsessed, right? Not anymore.
I've noticed that everything I've ever bought from Betsey Johnson has turned to worthless; literally. No bag that ranges from $80-$500 should fall apart the way my bags have and I'm not rough with them! The jewelry, I understand is costume jewelry, but when your spending $30-$150 on jewelry and it's turning colors or losing pieces, something is wrong.

I recently went to my favorite Betsey Johnson location and asked the manager about the value of the jewelry. She said Betsey was making the jewelry with more value and having a longer life but I'm not convinced. Also, another girl said that now the Betsey Johnson bags will become Betseyville bags and Betseyville will be discontinued. Betsey Johnson bags as I know them, (advertised as classier, chicer, more high-end bags) are going to be more expensive and more high-end.....UM NO!

Enough with you Betsey!
I'll be posting pictures of what has happened to everything I own from Betsey so you'll get an idea...it's too bad. I was truly obsessed with Betsey Johnson! So much so that I went to this location;

I visit Lou, the manager there on a tri-weekly basis, well I did. But if you still love Betsey Johnson, she is by far the best person to be around in that store. I've been to almost every Betsey Johnson store in California and Lou from Walnut Creek and Lou-Lou (who no longer works for the company) from Melrose, are my favorites and have always been there for me! So go say hello to her!

I'm mad that I've spent so much money and I now have bad-quality bags. Thanks!
Now off to find a good quality bag... :(
Can I ask for a refund??
lmao, jk.

Christina Dee.

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