Trendspot; What's Your G(Jeans)?

As you all know, I'm not the jean-lover; haven't found a pair that does the trick so I stay with my leggings, trousers and tights...BUT I must admit that the trends for jeans are amazing and totally fashionista.

Current/Elliott, who started the baggy, boyfriend jean look, are ones of my favorites as far as inspiration goes but the brand is far too expensive so I take for inspiration.

Here are two pairs of denim that I truly adore; One, because of the distress, tears and age to the denim. One pair is $216 and one pair is $27.80; can you tell which is which?

Ya, didn't think so. :) The pair to the right is the Current/Elliot jeans found at: Chick Downtown for $216 and the pair to the left was found at: Forever 21 for $27.80!

Great deal right? Personally, I love the ones from Forever 21 because it has for rips and more funky-ness to them. Paired with a slouchy white tee and sandals or wedges would create the perfect look for Spring; one of my personal favorite looks...if I wore jeans ;).

Another popular trend is the high-waist knit skirt. I do, personally, enjoy this trend because it's so easy and VERY versatile. I mean, you literally can pair this skirt with anything; from a tee and tights to a sheer blouse and tucked in and a long cardigan.

Here are two almost identical skirts that I like; one is $10.80 and one is $32.00...Can you tell the difference?

Ok, well besides the fact that the pictures give it away, you can't really tell which is which. The one to the right is from Forever 21 for $10.80 and the one to the left is from American Apparel. The reason I've compared the two skirts is because I don't believe anyone needs to spend $32.00 on a knit skirt when they could get a similar skirt for $10.00. One is fleece; the other is cotton. Preferably, cotton will last longer, fleece will be those little balls you hate to get on most cheap things...will blog soon about that.

My point with the two is don't buy pieces just because it comes with a name, i.e. American Apparel. American Apparel is great because they stand behind how the product is made, being that everything is produced in Downtown LA so I understand why some people purchase from there but honestly, the economy sucks; BE FRUGAL PEOPLE! :)

Dee. more to come ps.

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