This trend is HUGE right now and thank goodness, because it's such a great look to pull off, no matter your budget. I've gone to my most favorite cheap-and-chic shop, Forever 21, to find great looks to pull "Hippie-Chic" off.

Grey & Olive Tank: $15.80 Magenta & Grey Tank: $17.80

These feathered tanks were great with a pair of ripped jeans or leggings, with a skinny belt and beaded chains.

Basic Tee-$5.50 Draped Tunic-$19.80

These are perfect basics and are great for layering. Having white tees are so essential in your closet and I would always prefer to get basic, quality tees at Banana Republic or Gap but if your truly on a budget, Forever 21 has great ones as well. The draped tunic is a great body-shaper tee because it's long on each side of you to elongate your body, making your appearance seem taller and thinner. Adding a belt is great to keep that waist in tight.

Draped Cardi-Vest-$22.80 Embroidered Vest-$22.80

I'm obsessed with layering and so are hippie chicks. Pairing both these vests over white tees and adding chunky jewelry creates that hippie vibe and fun, relaxed appeal your looking for.


Peacock Feathered Necklace-$5.80 Owl Necklace-$4.80

Tribal Bead Bangle-$5.80 Stone Elastic Bracelet-$7.80

There are so many other pieces at Forever 21 that fit this look but go out and find yourself some unique hippie pieces. You can also go to your local culture boutiques to find genuine tribal pieces to make your look even more unique!


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Sarah Brooke said...

I love it! I lover forever21. One of the main stores I shop at, they are always in the loop of whats hot