Rachel Zoe.

Born September 1, 1971, an amazing woman born. She radiates style, passion and drive. She is Rachel Zoe.

I never WAS a fan of Rachel Zoe, from hearing about her attitude at the Marc Jacobs tent, and her "DIVA" persona; until I decided to research her. This woman was styled every possible fashion "icon" you could imagine from the likes of Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley, Jessica Simpson, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant, Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, Kat Hudson, Jennifer Garner Salma Hayek & Anne Hathaway.

A quote taken from nytimes.com, describes her occupation to a tee, :

"It’s the look she has duplicated on her clients, making the so-called Zoe-bots paparazzi favorites, as well as walking advertisements for a host of top designers. A cross-pollinator of the worlds of Hollywood celebrities, high fashion and tabloid magazines, Zoe has become a powerful image broker, a conduit to the ever-more lucrative intersection of commerce, style and fame. "

To understand this woman, one would have to understand the beauty of fashion. I don't believe anyone understands it quite like she does. She makes you want to feel the history of the fabric, the reasoning behind the choices of thread, and beading and buttons that appear on your appeal...and the one thing "I die" over on Rachel Zoe, is her nature to never judge what others wear. She really turns every "fashion diaster" into a stunning masterpiece and/or gives amazing tips to alter a look.

Rachel Zoe has created an empire,
including a clothing and accessories
line, one book and another on it's
way, she's a huge stylist to the stars, all while having a husband. She has conquered the fashion industry with her passion and drive for this huge, unforgiving industry. She started from the bottom and raised to the top, giving everyone who feels the same way she does, hope. Rachel Zoe is someone I hope to be, someone with drive and ambitions, willing to let the impossible become possible.

The nature of what, or who, is a celebrity has expanded. We
aren’t saving lives here, but we are creating images, and images create opportunities in a lot of areas.
” -Rachel Zoe

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