Biggest Sale of the Season


  • watch out for feisty shoppers; claim what's yours and hold on to it. Otherwise, it's free to be taken.
  • be prepared to have no help; it's fast-paced and hectic so go in with a goal and stick to it so you don't get overwhelmed.
  • SMELL EVERYTHING! Since the clothing is wore by the staff members during their shift, be prepared to smell every piece your interested in because you don't want sweaty, already worn pieces...even though it's on sale. It's the principle.
  • Know that the deals always get better as the sale progresses so know that basics could end up being $8, dresses could be $24, etc. So if your patient, always check back.
  • The lines will usually be long so be prepared with water and such to wait in line.
  • dressing rooms are a huge hassle so cut the time and wear pieces like a maxi dress so you can easily slip on pieces to try on in front of a mirror...that way you avoid the dressing room line.
Have fun and stock up on some great pieces!
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♥ fashion chalet said...

thank youuuuu oh-my-God, I want one!!!! :)


The Haute-Shopper said...

Not that I will be going to this sale, but I think that's some pretty good advice on sale shopping in general! It's amazing how icky some sale items can be, so the smelling everything part is pretty crucial...

ANN said...

Whoa I haven't been here in forever but now I want to go haha. Thank you :D

- Daniela - said...

ahahaha "smell everything"
good tip ;)

oriwa said...

I love the concept of this blog. Nothing better than making new friends and learning about eachothers interests and inspirations!

x oriwa editorial

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

That's crazy the workers get to wear the clothes!

Nubia said...

I want to go! thanks for posting


Stacy said...

i want go go now, thanks for all the tips! funny but usefull

NICOLE said...

woa great tips i really want to go...lol