Sailor Sally is Here

My outfit posts are back! I know, I know, I'm usually writing about someone else's craft but I miss posting my looks but I'm going to keep it down to a minimum, only posting the best!

I've always loved Motel ever since my previous employer carried the label in store. I only owned one dress, the polka dot bubble dress from last season but I decided it was time to expand my Motel collection. I'm huge on "wishlist shopping" and I was doing so on the Motel website, which I do on a weekly basis, putting pieces on a list and not actually purchasing. Well, I decided to break that trend and purchase a unitard. Little did I know that I was purchasing MY ENTIRE WISHLIST. :) Ohhhh the dramz. So this little number is one of the pieces I "had to have".

Summer is here; and I dressed accordingly.

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