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When I first came across Erika's blog, I was drawn to her ridiculously unique beauty. Start with the gorgeous, im-so-jealous-gimme-your-shampoo hair, and then to her totally unique facial features! Then what really reeled me into being a fashion chalet reader, was her extremely trendy yet out-of-this-world style. Erika is brilliant in her sense of style & taste. Hailing from the beautiful Florida, she has this touch on fashion that I wouldn't normally think of when I think of Florida (i.e. Miami: short mini skirts and flourescent colors :] )...she radiates confidence and seems to carry this persona of "who the hell cares" and I LOVE IT! She's one of the only people I know who can pull off Motel correctly. I had sold Motel for almost a year and fitted many girls in their "cut to the frame" fit and she pulls the looks off seamlessly. Not only is this fashionista fabulous, but she has a boston terrier like I do. Her's is a girl, Sweety & mine is a boy, Satchmo. They are the best dogs in the world. Okay okay, back to fashion. I may not always agree with what this lovely lady wears, but she sure can ALWAYS pull it off and I'm a wee-bit (more like MAJORLY) jealous that this lil' mama can work it!

Read why Nobodyknowsyou chose Erika of Fashion Chalet to be represented here<3.>I wanted a place to share what I wear, a place to talk about Fashion and ideas with others on my same page and wavelength. It's the most positive hobby so-to-speak. A really great outlet for me. :)

Where did Fashion Chalet come from?

I wanted something with Fashion in it yet somehow evoking Paris, France, and that's where the "Chalet" part came from. Definition: a quaint house used as a ski lodge or holiday home [French] I also liked the flow of the two words together.. :)

Where do you do the majority of your shopping?

Online now. I don't have time to get to the stores like I used to. I love vintage boutiques as well. And going through my Mom's and Grandmother's things. When I have the extra time though; Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Nordstrom and Books a Million are where I am at the most.

Name fashionable ladies/gents who tickle your fancy.

Audrey Hepburn and anyone channeling her, just saw Brittany Murphy in "Love and Other Disasters" she was excellent as a modern-Audrey-ette. :) Model, Snejana Onopka is the cutest little thing, I love her striking features (learned about her by way of Little Plastic Horses) Regina Feoktistova, another gorgeous model who I am constantly enamored by. Kate Lanphear and her work for ELLE is akin to the Holy Grail. Actress/Model Isabel Lucas. Model, Fabienne Vanderhaeghen just amazes and astonishes me, her eyes alone are like glittering jewelry.

(one of my favorite photos, I might add!!)

What kind of camera do you use? Who takes your photos?

I use my 12.0 megapixel Kodak easy-share. I usually take my own photos with a Tripod and Timer setup. My brother used to play photographer in the early stages of the blog as well. Then, I met a local Photographer who worked with me on some Shoots (seen in Urban Outfitters) but is in Europe until Mid-July on work.... my Husband just bought a new camera, so I may start asking him for his help.

(she's got a boston, just like me. ohhh bostons!)

Describe your "getting ready" ritual.

Music is on, full length mirror is in position. Oh, and I always start with the shoes.... :)

What blogs do you read?

Phew!!! Too many to name. But I bloglove all of my favorites (which is a very long list) and check in on my readers all of the time. I try my best to comment everybody back, but when I can't, it still doesn't mean I'm not checking out your blog updates! ;)

What do your family & friends think of your blog/fashion sense?

My Grandmother gets a kick out of the fact that I wear a lot of her vintage stuff for all to see. She loves it when I dress classic รก la Audrey. My brother tells all of his friends, and my Mom and Dad couldn't be happier.

(like seriously, name someone else who would wear their sandals like that...what a wonder this fashionista is!)

Give us a secret no one knows about Erika's world.

Welll... everybody knows by now about My Little Pony obsession, I'm sure, they however do not know about my husband still surprising me with them around the holidays.. haha.. As far as a secret nobody knows?? Hmm... how about the fact that I can't stand wearing new shoes when it rains and get upset about having to re-arrange my entire outfit because of it. I also have my own closet just for my shoes, the walk-in is strictly for clothing. I may sell some more in my SHOP soon.

Name one piece from your closet you can't live without?

That's too hard. I narrowed it down to four-ish... (1) Marc Jacobs trench coat (2) Earnest Sewn skinny jeans (3) Go Jane platforms (another little guilty pleasure) (4) my Vintage clutch collection

(totally, totally obsessed with this. She has captured the classics!)

Your an item in a boutique. What item would you be and what does it look like?

Something very feminine, a gown of some sort, definitely Vintage and glamourous. I love Old Hollywood.

What advice can you give to blogger on the rise?

Update often, and write/post about things that interest you most, the rest will follow. :)


For more information on Erika & her blog, Fashion Chalet, go to www.fashionchalet.blogspot.com.
Also, don't forget you can now shop her closet! Go to www.fashionchaletsale.blogspot.com.

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Fantastic interview! I love Erika's blog (and yours too!) :) xx Leia

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Aweee it came out so great!!!!

And Satchmo and Sweety need a play-date! ;)

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