Fashion Capsule Re-Do.

We all know that trends come from re-occurring trends of the past; 1980's neon colors, 1920's flapper dresses and fringe, 1970's hippie headbands and flowy prints, etc.

But what about 1990's?! We all think of the GRUNGE look; baggy plaids, baggy jeans and Doc Martens. Well, what about the good ol' days of the REAL 90210? Those were the days...tight mini skirts, bra tops and jean jackets, body-con dresses, and keds. I received an email from one of my favorites, WhoWhatWear on the 1990's trend.

Check out the pictures they redid of the 90210 stars; Donna, Brenda, Andrea & Kelly.

Don't forget to check out WhoWhatWear; they give great inspiration for what to wear and how to pull off different looks.

Christina Dee.

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