Unexpected What-Cha-Ma-Who?

I'm making a huge effort to show you readers that looking chic doesn't have to cost much at all; it's about making the time to search...or hiring me :).

I've looked high and low and really was impressed with:

I know what your thinking but seriously give this place a chance.
Pros: Great looks for a better price.
Cons: Customer service is ZERO and the place is a possible mess.

The pro definitely outweighs the con.

I found two great designers that I was definitely impressed with, no polyester needed.

I love SimplyVera by Vera Wang. In it of itself, Vera Wang knows a woman's body and designs
specifically to fit the right way. Although I didn't take pictures of any of her pieces, I will be adding so stay tuned.

I adored Dana Buchman. OMG, seriously, although the "look" could be a bit more mature than I would of liked, her style and design is amazing and she really captured the classic look.
Check out the pictures for a few of my favorite pieces of her Spring 2009 collection:

I'm obsessed with this dress. It's so Spring Resort.
I belted it with my Betsey Johnson waisted belt and
I loved the gold details on the neckline and the keyhole
is sexy.

This skirt is absolutely adorable. I toughend it up with my
black booties. It's a great length and I'm obsessed with the pleats.

This dress is classic. Simple. Dying over the
graphic print.

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