Tights VS. Jeans

I don't know when I decided that I hated jeans but I do know the last time I worn jeans because I wanted to was about maybe...hmm...I want to say four months and only because I worked at a place that forced me to wear the clothing that the company produced & that included the denim.

Now that you know when the last time I worn jeans, ill help you understand why. Before I discovered the wonders of tights/leggings, I always thought jeans were a body-magic wonder. They made my butt look lovely and slimmed my thighs depending on the wash of the denim. That was also another reason why I loved jeans. I loved dark washes but the characteristics of the jeans is what made me buy so many. I loved great stitching on the pockets, vintage washing on the front, whiskering on the jeans & learning about the uniqueness of jean-making. I loved looking in my closet and seeing the stacks and stacks of jeans in my closet; it looked rich.

Then, after working at the company I lasted worked at, I really started analyzing denim. It was the stylists' job to learn our product; our basics, our denim and also our imported designer pieces. We took classes & attended seminars to learn about our denim especially. Unfortunately it turned out a different outlook of denim for me which is the opposite of what we were supposed to see. Maybe it was the way they made their denim or maybe it was the way the denim fit me, but I officially decided that I HATED jeans. Every denim from then on that I tried on or even purchased was ill-fitting and always never fit the same after I washed it, even washing it mutiple different ways.

Tights had always been my friend; hiding my muffin top, creating a corset underneath my shirts, and it came in mutiple colors, textures & types, with a very forgiving price...but I never thought tights would replace my jeans.

I now have about 50 pairs of tights. :) (Ok, not really...more like 30.) Jeans, I doubt, will ever come back in my life. They don't flatter my figure and I have yet to find any that do my body justice. Luckily, my body is nice enough to wear tights/leggings every day, all day, any day.

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